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Posted By: Jim Carroll
28-Nov-15 - 03:43 AM
Thread Name: BS:Planned Parenthood Shooter-Christian Terrorist?
Subject: RE: BS: Another Christian Terrorist?
This incident has about as much to do with Jesus as Islamist terrorism has to do with Allah - nothing whatsoever - both are cases of extremists using religion as an excuse for their extremism, and crass arguments like "your terrorism is nastier than my terrorism" doesn't hack it.
All religions, by their very nature, are open to abuse, and all the major religions have a track record of terrorism, abuse and persecution going back centuries - Christianity is one of the front runners in the Abuse Stakes historically.
The fact that some religious fanatics are less abusive than others at the present time is immaterial - they all hang there like a Sword of Damocles waiting to be misused by one bunch of nutters or another - don't turn your back on any of them!
One thing is certain - religion and politics is a toxic mix, as what is happening today is proving every time we open a newspaper or switch on the news.
Jim Carroll