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19-Nov-15 - 03:42 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Rumours you believed as a child
Subject: RE: Folklore: Rumours you believed as a child
Back to the sausages. I used to use Italian herbed sausages a la Nigella Lawson's recipe but one day found the sausages in the freezer which I thought were them turned out to be some black pudding ones I had forgot about. Never looked back. Lots of parsley sprinkled on top before serving.

Sitting on whatever was indeed said to give you the Nobby Stiles. Although galloping dysentery is guaranteed to tempt the buggers out, trust me.

In our house the eater of the last item on the plate was invariably the dog. The item was usually over stewed cabbage or farting crackers. In later life I have started liking brussels but then!

As children, we were led to believe soldiers were cool and their officers intelligent. We played British Bulldogs in the playground and believed everything the school curriculum wanted us to believe.

As a teenager, I was told beer ended at Nottingham. In a way, it did but don't put today's values on it eh?

The girl next door told me the blue lady would bite my toes in bed. Mind you, she told me lots of things. I reckon it was her that said smelling dandelions made you wee your trousers. She told me Jesus could see everything I did. That must have been riveting for him.