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Posted By: Bill D
14-Nov-15 - 08:34 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: Rumours you believed as a child
Subject: RE: Folklore: Rumours you believed as a child
There various rumors/stories/offers in pop culture that circulated widely in the 50s.

"If you collected enough cigarette packs, (was in only one brand?) the company(s) would donate an iron lung to sick children,"

There was supposed to be 'contest' to see who could make the most words from "Planters Peanuts". No one ever said where to send your list..(which would have been half the dictionary) or who would check the entries, or what prize might be gained. I think my brother & I did hundreds of words before suspecting something was awry.

There was rumor that WWII Jeeps, packed in cosmolene, could be bought as government surplus for $100 or so. They were supposed to be sitting on a dock somewhere. The stories evidently originated as a scam by guys who had a 'contact' and for a $25 deposit, they would get your name on the list. I very briefly wondered if it was true.

And of course there were the rumors about bank robber John Dillinger's penis being 'unusually large' and kept by the Smithsonian.