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Posted By: Eric the Viking
02-Nov-15 - 06:00 AM
Thread Name: BS: Dialysis, a step into the unknown.
Subject: RE: BS: Dialysis, a step into the unknown.
So......................After another night of breathless, no sleep. (Were it passion and lust it would at least be worth writing about) I was forced to ring the hospital for advice. (Here is the UK, the help, like the treatment, is free at point of need)

My step into the unknown has come earlier than expected and dialysis starts tomorrow. How it goes and what happens I wait to find out.

I am saddened that what started out as a call for information has slightly turned into a discussion of perceived failure of the NHS. I state here, that in all the years leading up to this point, I have had nothing, but good monitoring and treatment from the NHS. It is a system without parallel in the world, full of dedicated, hard working underpaid, staff of all descriptions and has resulted in the increased longevity and general health of the UK population and those that come here for a "free go" at a cost borne by every taxpaying contributor. There are horror stories, of course but nobody tells the millions of successes. It doesn't make good press, and with respect, the USA system that is based on the ability to pay, leaving millions below the poverty line without treatment can hardly criticise.

Yanks are fiercly independent and most prefer to select their own insurance, own doctor and own course of treatment. The "nanny state" mentality is repugnant. I am sorry about your unfortunate situation.

Provided they have enough money to pay !!!!

So I wait to see how my first steps into a new way of life go.. Thanks everybody.