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Posted By: Eric the Viking
27-Oct-15 - 05:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: Dialysis, a step into the unknown.
Subject: RE: BS: Dialysis, a step into the unknown.
Thankyou all. It's nice to hear from old friends and from those I have never met.

Guest.....It is Adult onset polycystic kidney disease. Genetic, born with it without any knowledge of it until twenty two years ago. I wish I could blame a hedonistic lifestyle, but I can't. I can't blame the booze or drugs as neither have ever really rocked my boat, though the odd pint or seven when I was younger and playing rugby didn't come amiss. Not even the roaring fun of mudcat meets' saw me take great alcohol quantities as I often drove that layabout Skipjack around when in his cups.

I have got a three week, if I am lucky, window, to go and visit number one Viking son and then number one Viking daughter the Freja. After that it is the mechanical life for me.

At the consultant visit today, where I obtained such window, with conditions attached, I was told that I was now carrying around kidneys the size of two rugby balls. I would have willingly lent one to Scotland the other week in the last 30 seconds of the game.(It would save me looking like a Weeble)

Hi Noreen, Yes I am still playing. I sing and play in a pub folk band on a Wednesday and local folk meet alternate Thursdays. I have been told my dialysis will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so that scuppers that.

Susan, so many years since we last met, I knew there would be wise words coming my way. I make sure that Mrs Viking gets her change of scenery. She has taken up hill and Munro walking. We had planned a retirement of the outdoor life, so she goes instead every week with a walking group, walks with a neighbour other times.

So I guess that puts me up to date.

Thankyou all. Time will pass and I hope to last out the three weeks.