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Posted By: wysiwyg
27-Oct-15 - 05:05 AM
Thread Name: BS: Dialysis, a step into the unknown.
Subject: RE: BS: Dialysis, a step into the unknown.
Cheers Eric, good man to ask for help when it is needed!

Several parishioners and colleagues know dialysis well as a regular part of their lives; in dialysis they are pretty much the sAME people they aRe everywhere-- curmudgeonly or sunny. You will find that this new, structured time in your life offers at least as many blessings as inconveniences; like patients on chemo, you are likely to find staff as well as fellow patients with whom to exchange support. At first you'll be the newbie in need of it yourself, and then you'll find folks in need of yours, be it quiet or vocal. Outside of that group you're also likely to find folks who feel a need to vent about their own experiences with a chronic medical condition of their own or their family's... remember that you are notNOTnot obligated to spend your strength absorbing these and that changing to subject is a kind option, too.

You may find that music, for you, belongs at dialysis. Audio books via CD or mp3 player can be wonderful. Some folks get very cold, some hot; some want light and some want darkness, during dialysis-- Mrs. Viking will be well advised to be prepared. After first rounds of it, you'll know what needs to be modified and can carry a little kit bag of things to make it more comfortable. (A hat with a brim can be a huge help!)

Now as to Mrs. Viking. You are not a burden. You are her treasure. Be sure though to encourage her to share worries with friends and to take more time for herself. And if she can, naps are in order.

Finally, lots of folks these days discover a TON of medical expertise online via forum-type communities devoted to particular conditions. It's likely that your medical team can suggest a starting place for you and/or Mrs. V to surf into knowledgeable resources, where others who've trod this path can shine a light on yours while it's so unfamiliar. Many find that this makes them a much more effective member of their own health-care team. Honor your power to make choices at all levels, and trust your instincts when things don't make sense. Be a pesky patient as needed, and remember-- you're a Viking! ;-)

Take what you need and discard any advice here that doesn't fit, too, here or anywhere.