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Posted By: GUEST,Bruce Baker
12-Jan-01 - 01:07 AM
Thread Name: John Dwyer - Songs & Stories
Subject: Lyr Add: DEAD DOG CIDER^^
This brings back alot of memories of John. He was such a musical sponge. One of my favorite tunes of his was sung at Song Circle last Sunday -- Dead Dog Cider

In the year of 1642, in a little cider mill
A poor old dog lay down to sleep, for he was feeling ill
He chose a most precarious perch, above an apple press
And in hie sleep he tumbled in, and perished in distress

Which caused hsi master for to grieve, likewise his mistress too
And for their sorrow to relieve, they sampled of that brew
Gadzooks! said farmer Atwater, the likes I ne'er did sup
Come summon all the neighbors in and bid them drink a cup

Well everyone that drunk that night, got drunk as drunk could be
They marvelled how that cider had acquired such potency
But the farmer kept his counsel as he had another drop
When all at once that poor old dog came floating to the top

Well a silence fell upon that crowd and everyone did frown
They recognized poor bendegal, though he was upside down
The parson lost his collar and collapsed upon the floor
While the squire lost his britches in his rush to reach the door

Fear not said farmer Atwater, for in all me life I vow
Ben never bit no man nor beast and he wont bite noone now
And this shal be his epitaph, here lies poor faithful Ben
What perished in a cider vat and quickly rose again

Now if your down in Devon, and you goes into a bar
Just ask for dead dog cider, thats the best there is by far
Accept no imitation and you'll sleep just like a log
You'll always recognize it by the hair of the dog

Great to hear from you, Don and Mark -- its good to know that you are well. By the way, that party in 1998 spawned an annual gig -- this year will be sometime in February at Mercer VFW - by the name of "Founder's Music Evening"


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