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Posted By: Joe Offer
20-Aug-15 - 01:14 AM
Thread Name: PermaThreadô Unanswered Requests
Subject: RE: PermaThreadô Unanswered Requests
I'd prefer to do the HTML on the title, cnd. That's my sign that the song has been reviewed. It does help, however, if you have ADD and the song title (in title case) in the message title box, and then the title in ALLCAPS above the lyrics, followed on the next line by the songwriter name in parentheses, then a blank line, then the lyrics, then any notes and source info.

If you transcribe a song, tell us that you did so and tell us what you transcribed from. If it's in a publication, give us the title. If from a Website, give the URL of the Website.

One early stage of the Rise Again songbook was the collection of lyrics after the committee had built a list of songs to be included in the book. One volunteer programmed a "bot" to roam the Internet and collect the lyrics. Then other volunteers added chords to the lyrics. When I got to the project, the lyrics and chords were reportedly finished. I looked at the lyrics, and found they were awful. That's the usual quality of lyrics on the Internet. That's why we like source-documented lyrics here at Mudcat. No use perpetuating mistakes if the source is crummy.

I promise I will get to work on clearing these, but I'd better get back to work on the Rise Again Songbook. I haven't seen a copy yet, but I understand it's out or almost out (scheduled for Sept 1). I'm working on the supporting Website, which will have links to YouTube recordings and online information about all the songs.