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Posted By: Joe Offer
19-Aug-15 - 02:35 AM
Thread Name: PermaThreadô Unanswered Requests
Subject: RE: PermaThreadô Unanswered Requests
I guess I don't think of this Unanswered Requests database as often as I should. When I see somebody has posted to the PermaThread, I go to each song, make sure it's formatted and labeled correctly, and clear the database and this thread. But I've been working fulltime on the Rise Again songbook for the last year, so I got behind. And I don't just check the song off the database and forget it. I try to review and reformat every song before clearing it.

CND, it's very important for you to document your source for these lyrics. Did you find it in a book, transcribe it from a recording - which book, which recording? Did you find it on a Website?

Who's the songwriter?

Is there any background information?

It's not only important to gather lyrics in a hurry. It's also essential that we learn source information so we can ensure the accuracy of the lyrics.



Here's a guide for formatting lyrics you post, so that they're in the standard Mudcat format:

The songs may or may not be added to the Digital Tradition Folk Song Database - that's up to Dick and Susan. I try to make sure that the songs have ADD and the song title in the title of the message where the lyrics are posted. I also have a distinctive way of formatting the title once I've proofed the lyrics and found the most credible lyrics postings on a song. If the message title is properly formatted, it's easy to find songs in the Old Advanced Forum Search, found in the QuickLinks dropdown menu on every Mudcat page.
If songs are posted and titled properly, they are immediately available in the Forum to anyone who searches for them with the Old Advanced Forum Search. It takes time for posts to be indexed for the main search engine, but they're immediately available in the old search.