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Posted By: Mr Red
30-Jul-15 - 05:08 AM
Thread Name: BS: Judge re-writes a dead persons will
Subject: RE: BS: Judge re-writes a dead persons will
Well UK law is an ass, and, as the saying goes, laws are made by lawyers. Because there were a lot of MPs who were moonlighting barristers, and that may still be true. Law is law, not equitable not moral, just a meal ticket for lawyers and the greedy. We see it in many guises, we are becoming a litigious society. Or did I mean greedy?

But a middle aged woman with a partner - is a child? the law is indeed an ass. As for habouring a grudge, the words "money grubbing" come to mind and we don't know how much help (aka money) was sought and refused over the years.

So my wishes are of little consideration eh? Looks like I shall spend till I go broke* and the state will keep me when I am too gaga to know why I did it. Chew on that Mr Lawyer - sir.

* that may not be long!!!