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Posted By: Mr Red
29-Jul-15 - 01:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: Judge re-writes a dead persons will
Subject: BS: Judge re-writes a dead persons will
BBC story
It is a bit disturbing to read about the fact that a judge can decide what a person meant when they made their will. & I don't think it hinged on the precise wording either. In fact it looks like the wording specifically excluded the "adjudicated" part beneficiary.

In this case it looks like the mother disapproved of the elopement of a daughter at the age of 17 and hadn't forgiven her, tens of years later. Contact between them hardly if at all. Yet the judge decided that the legator had no connection with the charities listed in the will. As if money in a collecting box leaves an audit trail!

What is not clear is when the will was made. If recently the sharks probably argued that the mother was pre (or actually) senile. And we know lawyers have a special relationship with the great fact keeper in the sky (or did I mean the vault?).

Fortunately I don't have enough to leave that is worth disputing and those I wish to leave it to are my next of kin, though the law may define next of kin slightly different to me, time to investigate the laws appertaining to predeceased.