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Posted By: Jim Carroll
25-Jun-15 - 10:26 AM
Thread Name: BS: Deporting poorly paid nurses
Subject: RE: BS: Deporting poorly paid nurses
", I like it here in multicultural Manchester working in the multicultural NHS."
Me too - unlike grossly hard-done-by and overcrowded Hertford.
""Hertford is at the confluence of four river valleys: the Rib, Beane and Mimram join the River Lea at Hertford to flow south toward the Thames as the Lee Navigation, after Hertford Castle Weir.The shared valley of the Lea and the Beane is called Hartham Common and this provides a large park to one side of the town centre running towards Ware and lying below the ridge upon which Bengeo is situated.
The town centre still has its medieval layout with many timber-framed buildings hidden under later frontages, particularly in St Andrew Street. Hertford suffers from traffic problems despite the existence of the 1960s A414 bypass called Gascoyne Way which passes close to the town centre. Plans have long existed to connect the A10 with the A414, by-passing the town completely. Nevertheless, the town retains very much a country-town feel, despite lying only 19.2 miles (30.9 km) north of Central London. This is aided by its proximity to larger towns such as Harlow, Bishop's Stortford and Stevenage where modern development has been focused."
The Facts:
"Removing the capitals shows that outside the largest cities in their respective countries, the population density is much less, between 35 and 8 people per sq km. The most dramatic changes can be seen in Belgium, at Brussels, simultaneously the capital of Belgium and the EU, and the UK, where the population density would be 32 people per sq km less. Removing London from England's figures is even more drastic: only 347 per sq km, 60 people per km squared less. The Netherlands appears to have a more equitable population distribution across the country. The conclusions from this exercise appear clear: first, England is not the most densely populated state in Europe (by a distance); second, the UK is densely populated though, even on a global scale, but is still outside the world top ten; third, it does not make sense to count England separately from the rest of the UK unless this is done for every country; fourth, certain regions have a large impact on overall density, as with Brussels in Belgium and London in the UK; fifth, without historical context, it is very difficult to understand why populations in states are as they are it is likely the the UK has been very densely populated since the nineteenth century. Finally, newspapers are writing stories to sell papers and use data in a haphazard way to strengthen their narratives. It is important not to take media statistics at face value as doing so will push agendas that contain falsehoods at their heart. Information may be beautiful but in the wrong hands it is also dangerous."


"This from a very Left wing organisation,"
You've had the opinions on overcrowding and the advantages of immigration from the very right wing Daily telegraph (25 Jun 15 - 06:31 AM)
OK Keith?
Jim Carroll