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Posted By: Jim Carroll
25-Jun-15 - 07:47 AM
Thread Name: BS: Deporting poorly paid nurses
Subject: RE: BS: Deporting poorly paid nurses
"Yes Jim, there is still some green left, but England is the third most densely populated major country on Earth."
No it isn't, it is, by statistical accounts, the 53rd - you've been givn those statistics several times.
The problems of "overpopulation" is in fact, the failure of the relevant private (used to be Government, until they were privatised) bodies to do their job properly.
Water is a typical example - can't remember when I last drank a glass of tap-water, for fear of being poisoned.
Can still remember the local scare when we turned our taps on in Wandsworth only to end upo with a sink-full of wriggling worms.
The fact that profit is now the measure of success for these private industries is why we have so many panics - s.f.a. to do with immigration.
The article (which you have studiously ignored) on "overcrowded" Britain concedes that immigrants have had an adverse effect on wage levels - this has everything to to with predatory employers who use immigrants as a means to drive down wage levels - as old at least as The Irish Famine when mineowners used Famine refugees to reduce miners' wages
In the past, Britons emigrating elsewhere inorder to "civilise" the world caused massive cultural and economic provblems - many countries, such as Pakistan, Israel, Ireland and a huge slice of the continent of Africa, are still struggling to mop up the mess left behind by the previous tenants   
You claimed that Britain was the most overcrowded country in the world - utter rubbish and pure invention.
Immigration has proved beneficial, even essential to Britain - most of the problems connected with it are caused bt small-minded bigotry and Xenophobia
Isn't that always the case?
Jim Carroll