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Posted By: lefthanded guitar
26-May-15 - 03:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: Remember Kodak Tri-X Pan B&W film?
Subject: RE: BS: Remember Kodak Tri-X Pan B&W film?
Glad to see someone who has fond memories of film. I remember Tri X, and also the slower (and less grainy) Plux X 125 ISO (or as they said in film days; ASA).

I've looked over some photos I shot of a friend's sone birthday celebration, shot with 400 Kodak Print Film (forget the exact stock) and NOTHING and I mean NOTHING I've shot digitally is as crisp and color perfect as film.

Maybe if I could afford a 50 megapixel Phase one back on a Hassalblad ,the digital photo could compete with film. But my old Nikon, and sharp fixed focus lenses, still working, and then costing under $1000. - still outperform any 35mm digital camera I've seen.

And yes, I love using digital as well. But there's something not quite the same.

PS When digital first came out, a friend scanned a film photo I took of a small bunch of flowers in front of alooming mountainside. (the flowers took up maybe 1/50th of the photo). I   shot the photo on slide film. (Probably Fujichrome 50)
When we scanned it, we could see the veins in the leaf of the flowers. Great stuff, that old film.