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Posted By: Jason Xion Wang
11-Mar-15 - 10:48 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Who Speaks for Me (Tom Paxton)
Subject: RE: Origins: Who Speaks for Me (Tom Paxton)
I think it's "the gods in long white houses". Tom said in a 1988 concert that he wrote the song a few days after the murder of three nuns in El Salvador in 1980.

I've put the chords to the song on my website here and I think I'd better put it here too:

               A                         E
The army comes through, they curse us and prod us with guns.
               B7                               E
Sometimes they take us away - that's the end of that.
                   A                                  E
They go where they like in our houses; their eyes miss nothing of value,
            B7                                     E
And may the Virgin go with you if you've a gun or a knife.

                   A                  E
But who speaks for me? I, who have no voice.
                B7                         E
Who decides for me? For it seems I have no choice.
                A                      E
Do I live, do I die, will my family survive?
                      B7                                                E
Will the ones who leap down from the trucks with their guns allow us our lives?
                A                                    E
One question I'd ask, if I dared, of the ones whom we never see:
                     B7                                 E
Guns and dollars are voices for you, but who speaks for me?