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Posted By: John P
08-Mar-15 - 11:16 AM
Thread Name: Is this genuine folk dancing?
Subject: RE: Is this genuine folk dancing?
Good point, John, but do you not think that women can do something about it themselves? It was not by the kindness of men that women got the vote or anything. They protested. They forced the situation. If having to keep up with fashion is so awful maybe they can stop? It can change from within.

Protesting doesn't pay the rent or put food on the table. One needs a job to do that. Yes, women can and are doing something about it, and things are changing from within, but with agonizing slowness. We will have a female president before we have pay equality. And before a woman who is assertive isn't looked on as trouble-maker. Women who act like human beings are patriarchically called "independent" as if it were a compliment, even though that word is never used to describe a man who acts in perfectly normal ways. Corporate power is overwhelming owned by white men, most of whom have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo and who have the power to enforce their desires. Why do you think that sex-based pay inequality is still legal and prevalent? Why do you think that companies have the power to decide what their employees have to look like in order to be "presentable", even those those standards are wildly sexist? Change from within will happen, but it will take another two generations or so. And the only way it will happen is if more men get on board and speak out more.

Sorry, this thread isn't about sexism and is very interesting without this tangent. I'll shut up now.