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Posted By: Mr Red
06-Mar-15 - 05:05 AM
Thread Name: Is this genuine folk dancing?
Subject: RE: Is this genuine folk dancing?
PC me, non sprechensie Apple.

Legs & Co, and Pan's People are not Folk they are entertainment. Drawing on a repertoire available to them, ballet etc included.
Morris is not entertainment

(pause for cat calls..... and agreements!)

Therefore must be folk.

The whole point about what is and isn't folk hinges on (opinions aside) who used to do it. The plebs doing it make it Folk, paid performers made it entertainment. IMNSHO.

The ceilidh scene is a living tradition, we Roger of Coverley (in the nicest possible way) today, which was considered old in 1651. And write dances today. (or re-invent some). And what can be more traditional than just that Folk Process?

And if the paid performers want to copy, steal, plagiarise so be it. Their's will be a bit of fluff in 100 years time, just like it was in the 70's.