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Posted By: GUEST,Mr Red
21-Dec-14 - 06:27 AM
Thread Name: I spy Tim van Eyken - now actor as well
Subject: I spy Tim van Eyken - now actor as well
his old school report(ing).
I was watching the film Imitation game and reading the credits while recounting the factual errors (it did take a while) - Tim van Eyken's name popped-up. I assumed - well you might - that he was cast as the accordion player in the underground during the wartime night sleepovers, he being a very fine melodeonist (and ceilidhnaut). But no! He was credited on-screen and apparently played an MI6 officer. The link above points-out his progression to acting. Anyone else spot him?

Factual errors I spotted (briefly) were that the German Navy were cited as using Enigma (they used a far more complex machine)
The code breakers seemed to have all the allied ship positions on tap.
The steam trains had curious over-head electric pick-up wires which I recall were not introduced before the 50's
Russian spy plot device was highly unlikely and in fact (I find now) was just plain wrong.
And............. well lets just say as an Electronic Engineer the depiction of his mechanical calculator was irksome, and no mention of Tommy Flowers & the world's first valve computor Collosus (predating Illiac and Eniac by years). Alan Turing was instrumental in the use of that computor.