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Posted By: Jim Dixon
18-Nov-14 - 11:39 AM
Thread Name: Lyr/Tune Req: Oh How He Lied
Subject: Lyr Add: OH! HOW SHE LIED TO ME (Murray & Smalle)
My transcription from YouTube. Murray and Smalle sing this as a dialogue, which is awkward, because their voices sound so much alike (this is probably made worse by the low fidelity of the 78-rpm recording) that it's hard to tell when the speaker changes. I have inserted a dash where I think this occurs.

Words by Harry White, music by Will Donaldson.
As sung by Billy Murray and Ed Smalle, on Victor 19188-B [recorded 1923-Oct-01].

—Of late you've been looking quite worried.
—You've noticed the tears in my eyes.
—I guess you're in love with some sweet turtledove.
—I was, but I'm just getting wise.

—You must have found her deceitful.
—I did, and it was a surprise.
—I wish you'd explain. Tell me why you complain.
—I'm tired of her alibis.

She told me she loved me, but oh, how she lied!
—Oh, did she lie? —Yeah, I'll say she lied!
—Your heart must be broken. —I cried and I cried.
She made a fool of me.

She told me my money would lead me astray.
—I guess to protect you she took it away.
—She said she'd return it on some rainy day,
But oh, how she lied to me!

She told me to bet on a horse named Yvette,
Who'd win ten to one. —Oh, a fortune you'd get!
—So it's ... and the horse ain't in yet.
Oh, how she lied to me!

I'll never forget how she acted
The last time that I took her out.
—Why, what did she do? Did she upset you?
—My feelings were hurt beyond doubt.

She said: "Goodbye, Valentino"
As we stood there by the old mill.
—What! She called you Rudolph? Well, that's mighty strange.
—Yeah, my name ain't Rudolph; it's Bill.

She told me she loved me but oh, how she lied!
—Did that baby lie? —I'll say that she lied!
—Your heart must be broken. —Goodbye to my bride.
I hope that she's satisfied.

"I want to see Washington someday," she said.
—Oh, you loaned her the money? —Yeah, I said: "Go ahead,"
But someone just told me George Washington's dead.
Oh, how she lied to me!

She called me her angel and raved constantly,
Said that someday her sweet hubby I'd be.
—Why, that baby pulled the same patter on me!
[BOTH:] Oh, how she lied to me!

The Online 78-rpm Discography says that early recordings were also made by: Harry Blake, Billy Jones (as Billy West), Aileen Stanley, and Frank Crumit.