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Posted By: Steve Gardham
18-Nov-14 - 09:55 AM
Thread Name: Lyr/Tune Req: Oh How He Lied
Subject: RE: Lyr/Tune Req: Oh How He Lied
Some new evidence, but to make it really clear we need more info on the pre-1920s variants. Looking back through the thread it appears to me that any pre-20s refs don't indicate the repeats. Is it possible that pre 20s it went to a different tune without the repeats?

I've just picked up a piece of sheet music dated 1923 published in New York by Stark and Cowan, and in London by B Feldman & Co.
Title: Oh! How she lied to me
Words and Music: Harry White and Will Donaldson
Sung: Miss Jennie Hartley.

There are 3 parts to the song 2 verses, a refrain, and then 5 further verses to a different tune. The refrain concerns us here (as well as the title) It is to the tune of the song in this thread.

She told me she loved me, but, oh! how she lied.
Oh! how she lied. Oh! how she lied;
My poor heart is broken and oh! how I cried,
She made a fool of me.

The 5 final verses are in the same vein as our song obviously with gender reversal, but they are in 3 rhyming lines.

Last verse as example:
I called at her flat but since then we don't speak,
And that's where I got this big bruise on my cheek,
Her husband, she said, was away for a week.
But oh! how she lied to me.

I can't sightread very well but the tune of the refrain is obviously that of our song.

Here are some obvious possibilities with the White/Donaldson song:
They simply lifted the chorus, title and tune, and added other more sophisticated elements.
The 'played her guitar' verses already existed as a college song with different tune and no repeats and someone post-23 adapted the verses to the White/Donaldson hit.

We need to entice some of the earlier posters back to see if we can link the well-known tune (Evening Stars waltz?) to pre-23 texts.

Also it would make things clearer if we could have some midis or ABCs of the tunes referred to.