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27-Oct-14 - 12:11 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Add: Orchestra Song - German Lyrics?
Subject: RE: Lyr Req/Add: Orchestra Song - German Lyrics?
Hello all! I'm about to revise and typeset my English version of this delightful group song for my private files, much closer in meaning to the original German, and can offer a few corrections/additions:

1. Herr Geissler published the original version in 1886.
2. To fit the rhythm, the first time the Geige verse is sung, the two-syllable versions "singet" and "klinget" are used; the second time, the ending is "klingt", without the "e".
3. In most German versions I've seen (on the Internet), the Klarinett verse ends not in "dua det" but "gar so nett".
4. The Horn verse should be " ruht sich aus. Es bringt nor einen Ton herraus," not "das," which means "the". (See note at end of item 5.)
5. It should be "Die Trompete, sie schmettert," not "die schmettert", which makes no grammatical sense. (The meaning is "it", not "the" before a verb!)

Finally, to Ann Burgess:

Yes! PLEASE transcribe the scores for:

Piccolo (if someone else here has by then responded to your request to post the notes!);
Drums, if you can find them (as was indicated, different from Tympani verse); and

For your harp verse most of which you've forgotten, would this fit your rhythm, syllable-wise?:

The harp is so enchanting, and serenity it's granting,
Sounding just like rain and waterfall.
The harp is so enchanting, and serenity it's granting;
Like tinkling rain, it soothes us all.

Yours in shared love of music,