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Posted By: Harmonium Hero
11-Oct-14 - 03:13 PM
Thread Name: Sidmouth, young and old: a concern
Subject: RE: Sidmouth, young and old: a concern
I had the experience at Sidmouth way back in the early 70s, of us - the duo I was with - putting our names down on the singaround list at the Beach Store for the whole week, and despite our turning up every day, only getting to sing once, or possibly twice. One particular MC - no names, no pack drill - only seemed to pick people he had known at college. After many years' absence, I have been back a couple of times in recent years, with a dance team. You don't get to see so much of things when you are there performoing as when you are a punter, but my impression was the the atmosphere was not the same. I think the sessions were better back then. They have organised sessions now, and that's probably made a difference. I agree with many comments made above. Singarounds used to be things you got at festivals, where I think they are all right, if run fairly. But I think running a folk club on those lines can be disastrous. You get the same people turning up every week, sitting in the same seats and getting to know all the other regulars, so that a stranger can feel as though s/he has walked in to someone's living room, with a lot of old codgers discussing their holidays, their grandchildren and their operations... I find it exclusive and off-putting, and I'm 68 in a few weeks, so I can't imagine it encouraging younger people. It shouldn't be like this. It wasn't like this back then: we were all in it together, regardless of age. I agree with topsie's last post. It's exactly what I've always felt. We're all people. (Somebody back up the thread said we were all grown-ups.....not sure about that; I'm not one for a start).
I always thought it was all about the music. I still think so., but I'm feeling increasingly isolated.

John Kelly.