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Posted By: GUEST,Anon's ally
10-Oct-14 - 05:42 AM
Thread Name: Sidmouth, young and old: a concern
Subject: RE: Sidmouth, young and old: a concern
In my opinion Sidmouth fringe events certainly aren't the fun events they once were and things seem much quieter of late.

The Radway sessions are definitely less well attended these days although I've always found them to be quite inclusive, welcoming and friendly.

The Anchor has been much quieter in the last few years. Whilst I hesitate to describe a clique developing there's no doubt that there are 'favourites'. The fun aspect is fast disappearing. Why on earth were the 'Rules' removed?

The Ceilidh in the Ford(Cancelled. Again.) remains a fun and very inclusive event although Elf and Safety is becoming a pain in the arse. We're all grown-ups. Aren't we?

As for Anon's anonymity, I fully understand and appreciate his (or her) wish not wanting to be named. Anon was making obervations, as am I. And what's wrong with wishing to make intelligent comment anonymously? Both Anon's and my comments aren't offensive, so why not?

Season ticket for Sidmouth are too expensive for me, I'm not complaining about the prices, it's just that the prices are over and above what I can afford. My experience is taken purely from my experiences of the fringe.

I may go back to Sidmouth in the future but I'd need to be convinced that my hard-earned dosh couldn't be better spent at another festival. Even attending a festival's fringe events can be an expensive do!

I'm 60 so certainly not at the young end of the spectrum, but unless I can have some fun at an event there's not a lot of point in me going. Even 60 year-olds want fun.

If I'm excluded / cold-shouldered at a festival, session, singaround then I'm not going to enjoy it and it's highly unlikely that I'd want to return.

These are just MY opinions. I'm not preaching. Others have there own opinions based on their own experiences, these are just mine.

Anon's (anonymous!) Ally