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Posted By: Jon W.
31-Aug-98 - 12:17 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Tune Add: Over the Mountain (Boys of the Lough
Subject: Lyr/Tune Add: OVER THE MOUNTAIN(Boys of the Lough)
Here is an ABC file of a song I promised to submit in the "Favorite Celtic Songs for singing" thread. I got this song from a video tape I made of a broadcast of a Boys of the Lough concert here in Salt Lake City, July 1991. The singer is Christy O'Leary. I am not sure of the correct title. All introductions etc. were edited out of the broadcast.

Also, there is one word in the last verse which I didn't understand but I have rendered as "suthard" - apparently a clergyman who performed the wedding. If anyone knows what the correct word is, please let me know.

T:Over The Mountain
S:Boys of the Lough
D|D G F|E F G|A B A|G2 B/2c/2|d B G|F E F|A G2-|G z
D|D G F|E F G|A B A|G2 B/2c/2|d B G|F E F|A G2-|G z
B/2c/2|d B G|G A d|c B A|d2
d/2c/2|B G G|G B c/2d/2|c A A|A2
D|D G F|E F G|A B A|G2 B/2c/2|d B G|F E F|A G2-|G z

W:One night as the bright moon arose in the sky,
W:I first took a notion to marry.
W:I put on my hat and away I did fly,
W:You might think I was in a great hurry
W:When I got to a place where I often had been,
W:My heart gave a leap when my darling I seen,
W:She opened the door and I bade her good night,
W:Saying "Come with me over the mountain"
W:Ah what sort of a push has got into your head,
W:I am glad for to meet you so merry.
W:It's now twelve o'clock and I should be in bed,
W:Ah speak low or you'll waken me mammy.
W:If you think that I'm jesting, my jesting is true,
W:I've courted twelve months, faith, I think it should do.
W:And before I do sleep I'd be married to you,
W:If you'll come with me over the mountain.
W:If I were to make an elopement with you,
W:It might well be attempted with danger.
W:The country would prattle and tattle us, too,
W:All my friends they would frown and no wonder.
W:Ah, just let them prattle and tattle away,
W:Consult with yourself now, it's very near day.
W:And I don't give a pin what the whole of them say,
W:If I once had you over the mountain.
% whistle solo here
W:But I am resolved now at home for to stay,
W:for I think it more fitting and better.
W:So fare thee well darling I now must away,
W:and so that put an end to the matter.
W:Oh stop, stop a moment while I get my shoes,
W:My heart gave a leap when I heard the glad news.
W:She ran to the door saying "Maybe I choose
W:To elope with you over the mountain."
W:By this time the moon had gone down in the sky,
W:And the morning star brightly was shining.
W:We both made away with the greatest of haste,
W:For a wedding our two hearts were pining.
W:The suthard came to us without much delay,
W:He married us both on that very same day,
W:And it's often we chat when we've little to say,
W:Of the trip we made over the mountain.