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Posted By: Joe Offer
06-Sep-14 - 06:17 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Jole Blon / Jolie Blonde / Jolie Blon
Subject: ADD Version: Jolie Blonde
As Dead Horse wisely said somewhere,

So far, I have found three basic (and radically different) versions of this song:

1. Jolie Blonde, 'gardez donc, quoi t'as fait
This one stems from the 1929 recording by Amadee Breaux, which is in the Digital Tradition. The Hackberry Ramblers recorded the first and third verses of this version in 1936.

2. Jolie Blonde, jolie fille, tu m'a quitte pour t'en aller
This one comes from the 1946 recording by Harry Choates, but I'm still looking for a good transcription of the Harry Choates version.

3. Hey Ma Jolie Blonde, /Tu m'as quitté pour t'en aller
I don't know where this one comes from, but this version seems to be the one that's most popular in recent recordings. It seems to be mostly the Breaux lyrics, starting the song with a long, loud "Hey.: "Nonc" (uncle) Allie Young is one performer who did this version. I still haven't found a transcription of this version that satisfies me.

Here's one example of this third version, from

Kermit Venable and Beaubassin Cajun Band

Hey Ma Jolie Blonde,
Tu m'as quitté pour t'en aller
Pour t'en aller, dans les bras de tout les autres chère
Quel espoir et quel avoir que moi je peux avoir


Jolie Blonde, tu croyais y'avais juste toi
Y'a pas juste toi dedans l'pays pour moi aimer
Tu m'as quitté pour t'en aller,
Dans l'pays de la Louisiane Ma jolie Blonde

Tu m'as laissé pour t'en aller,
Pour t'en aller avec un autre
Quel espoir et quel avenir que moi j'peux avoir

And you really need to take a look at this page:Where else can you find a recording of Waylon Jennings singing "Jolie Blonde," accompanied by Buddy Holly?