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Posted By: GUEST,Malcolm Storey
26-Aug-14 - 11:22 AM
Thread Name: Whitby. Was it always in August?
Subject: RE: Whitby. Was it always in August?
Oh dear oh dear.

Heresay and balderdash!

The EFDSS ran WFW until 1986 when the whole question of the Society running festivals and the financial risk involved was addressed.

This was largely brought about by Sidmouth having spent almost the whole of its reserves on their 30th anniversary bash a couple of years before. The cash was held in a local account and the then treasurer of the Society was somewhat alarmed to say the least. The local accounts were included in the Society's overall accounts and as such the "loss" of quite a large sum in one year put the Society's already fragile accounts under undue strain. Reprimands were handed out but the money had gone.

In the period 1982 to 1986 (five festivals) WFW contributed in excess of 20K to EFDSS central funds. A sizeable amount in those days.

At some time in the year 1985/6 Jim Lloyd made his suggestion which I have touched on before that "Any profits from Society festivals to go to central funds, any losses met locally".

Edmund Jenkinson and myself took over WFW by agreed consent in 1987.

Business pressures led to Ed leaving after that first independent year and I carried on until 2006 when I retired.

The above is what happened, no heresay, I was present at all the relevant meetings and discussions and there is lots more for some other forum.