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Posted By: Jimmy C
29-Dec-00 - 12:52 PM
Thread Name: Origins: The Rose of Allendale / Allandale
Subject: RE: The Rose of Allendale

There is no dictionary that I know off, but the words maidenhead and figurehead mean the same thing. I also know that the word has other meanings - virginity and a type of fern. I grew up close to the docks in Belfast, and all the old sailors called it the maidenhead. Just to be sure I asked someone who would know about the expression I often heard the old sailors use, and this is his reply.


Be careful with that one. The sailor, to the best of my knowledge, is correct. HOWEVER, the term also means "a girl's virginity".

But fortunately the word is not part of the song. I believe the song refers to the voyage of life that this couple undertook together. The tempests etc refer to the hard times they encountered and the part about burning sand could be when he was feverish in a foreign country (Africa) and she tried to console him and give him some encourageent to have hope for better times to come.

Overall, his life would not have amounted to much if it had not have been for Mary's love for him and the loyalty she displayed during their life together.

A good woman is hard to find.