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Posted By: Mr Red
10-Aug-14 - 12:36 PM
Thread Name: Sidmouth Folk Festival 2014
Subject: RE: Sidmouth Folk Festival 2014
no formal involvement? all those photographs for EDS magazine and MC in the Ham Marquee. (!-)

But if you were a dancer you would have sore feet doing all the ceilidhs, or the Contra, or the Troyls from Kernow, Breton Montardes/Andros & Hantadros. Balkan Circles, and Irish Set dances. And 2 "free" ceilidhs in the Anchor Gardens per day.
If you were fans of Belshazzar's Feast, Chris Wood & Andy Cutting and a load of concerts I didn't get to (you could be on concerted overload). Talks, edifying lectures on Frank Kidson (eg),
If you were a session musician you would be spoilt for "free" choice in the Bedford, Swan, Anchor, Radway and a some official sessions I never got to.
Singers had the Volunteer, Anchor and other venues I didn't have time for.

But there is a tradition that says nostalgia is not what it was
but it will be one day and it is nice to know it is alive and well amongst the non-attendees.

As I always say "change is the only thing certain in life" and to those who point to death I say "as changes go? ..............".

The changes at festivals like Sidders that I don't like are compensated for by the yoof that like it. At my age there is a wonderful vicarious pleasure in seeing others enjoy themsleves, particularly yoof finding what I found long ago - that participation has a value way above consumption.

I am weary, tired and lost 2 weeks of hobbies, and I am wonderfully rewarded for all of that.

Thankyou Sidmouth organisers.