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Posted By: MGM·Lion
18-Jun-14 - 10:52 AM
Thread Name: Eliza Carthy MBE
Subject: RE: Eliza Carthy MBE
Well, Al: the oppressive governments currently in control thruout most of Africa aren't going to invite us back, are they? And those they oppress haven't the power or the authority: even supposing they have any memory of how much better it used to be there. I have heard from several Sierra Leonean intellectuals in their universities [I worked in one for a short time] that they are not happy with the way things are and can see little prospect of improvement -- even tho they have stopped hacking one another's hands off for the nonce, as they were doing during the civil war which happened a bit after Valerie & I left there. I think your reply was a bit naif, to be honest; and not quite an answer to the question I asked, if you look back. All I asked was whether anyone thought things were better around there than they were 80 years ago; which you haven't really addressed at all. I am of course aware of the futility of trying to turn clocks back; but that doesn't preclude some from wishing wistfully that it might just be possible sometimes.

But we have drifted rather far from Eliza; so I leave this topic now -- just reiterating my pleasure in her success; and wondering what achmel thinks she & her parents should have done: said something like "Love to have an honour, thank you Ma'am; but you'll have to change its name just for little me or I couldn't possibly accept"? Away you!