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Posted By: Richie
20-Feb-14 - 04:35 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Child Ballads: US Versions Part 6
Subject: RE: Origins: Child Ballads: US Versions Part 6
The last verse is in first person as is the Cruel Nymph version- that's why I consider it closer than 295A.

You can read most of The Late Victorian Folksong Revival: The Persistence of English Melody, 18781903 by E. David Gregory on-line on google books. I don't have a copy.

Gregory seemed to think Baring-Gould did not falsify and create ballads- at least that's his position. He did talk in some detail about 295-B and seems to think it is authentic- and attributes the "Sally" verses to "pretty Dorothy" a copy of Woodrich's version in Baring-Gould's hand is available to be viewed on-line at the Vaughn Williams web-site.

As far as "The Bonny Brown Girl" as sung by Winnifred Brown Scott; 1969, and collected by Juanita Dawson. It seemed unlikely that it is a recently (as in circa 1970) concocted forgery given the names that are supplied. If her parents sang it that would take it back to circa 1890 . It's certainly possible it was taken from Child's books but that seems unlikely. Because it so accurately follows the 3 known ballad texts it should be added to the known versions until more is known about it- if that's possible.

I would like to know the "Sally" text that Baring-Gould used to make Child 295B.

It's also almost impossible (according to Gregory) to prove conclusively that Baring-Gould recreated the ballad- if there's any doubt it should be noted.