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Posted By: JohnInKansas
20-Jan-14 - 01:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: journalling for disabled
Subject: RE: BS: journalling for disabled
Quit obviously, one would think, you must have the doecument you're creating visible on your computer while writing it, if you use a computer.

With a "paper" document, when it's finished you could "send it to the angels" by just dropping it into a shredder, but you might want it to continue to "be somewhere" even if only the angels know where it is(?).

Nearly all reasonably recent programs, and especially those you might use for text documents, allow you to "encrypt" the file. Usually, it's simple to use a new password for each file. Although the encryption used by various programs is of variable "strength" it is unlikely that anyone (except the angels) would ever be able to see what you have written without the password.

If you write down a long password on a scrap of paper before you enter it as the password for the new document, when it's done you can tear up the scrap, forget the password, and the document will be "with the angels."

Unfortunately, an encrypted file can also be difficult to delete without the password, so eventually the place where you put your "sent messages" may be "full of angel dust" and will stop letting you save anything new. Text/word processor files aren't usually enormous so it should take quite a while to fill up most hard drives, but it might be best to put the encrypted stuff all on a separate drive (or flash drive or CD?) so that you can replace that drive without just replacing the whole computer.

An alternative, if you might want to look at what you've sent later**, would be to use the same password for all of your writings (and make sure you make a record of the password in some safe place in case you forget what it was).

** Do the angels ever ask you to explain something your wrote? (I had one for a while who argued with almost everything I wrote, and sometimes misquoted me to try to confuse the issue, although I'm not too sure that one was on the side he claimed.)