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Posted By: GUEST,Grishka
19-Jan-14 - 05:05 PM
Thread Name: BS: journalling for disabled
Subject: RE: BS: journalling for disabled
Journaling is a good idea, whether meant for other readers, for rereading, or just for the moment ("the angels"). It can help us greatly to form our ideas. As Jack Campin writes (and you probably know quite well), posting to Mudcat can serve similar purposes.

Secrecy is of course vital. If you fear others to spy on your computer - your flatmates, the staff, etc. -, ask us for help with encryption. (It won't help against the NSA, I'm afraid, but you can hope they are not too interested.)

We can benefit most when we ask ourselves questions that we would normally not have considered in such detail and precision. For example, we can search for clues about other people's behaviour and mindset. Another good question is what effect we believe to have made with out recent actions. Sometimes I wish Mudcat posters (not you!) ponder more about the question "Do I really appear as witty/educated/rational/civilized/well-meaning/compassionate as I would like?"

On a computer, we can edit a journal entry until we are sure that it represents the result of our thorough consideration. Of course, if we change our opinion later, on another day, we should not revise the old entry, but start a new one, explaining why. Purely fictional entries profit from good proofreading as well.

Understanding other people and ourselves best we can, is the elementary key to social success and personal comfort. All morals and philosophy rely on it. Go on with the journal/diary, and please keep us informed from time to time. We wish you the best!