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31-Oct-13 - 03:54 PM
Thread Name: Scottish republican socialist songs
Subject: RE: Scottish republican socialist songs
Sorry, You asked about Michael Donnelly. I heard him address a meeting of Scottish Socialists for Independence in the lecture theatre in the Smith Museum, also discussed it with him after. He read a speech from Mealmaker that was very similar to the pros of Scots Wha Hae. I don't know if he has written anything further. He used to go a great magazine called the Unite Scotsmen and you will find more research on this in our latest issue of Scottish Workers Republic. Michael is into stained gless windaes at the moment.

The tune is supposed to be ancient and played at Bannockburn and the Scots troops piped it in at Orleans when they won the battle for Joan de Arc. The French have a faster marching version called "Hey Tuttie Tuttie" and De Gaul claimed descent from William Wallace. The Japanese and the Basques have a similar sounding tune. A band was arrested in Paisley for playing it in the 19thc. Unfortunately the American settlers used "Now's the Day and Now's the Hour when they invaded Mexico and took what is now Texas. Abraham Lincoln and many others used the slogan.

Liebknecht, incidentally, sang Burns's A Man's Man for a' that, when he faced the firing squad.

As for the English working class having a stronger class deference. Morris Blythman explained that as due to the Manor system, inherited from the Norman Conquest, as opposed to the Tribal system of the Celtic "Fringe". We saw the disastrous effects of that in the Heritable Jurisdiction Acts on the forfeited clan lands after Culloden. Marx said that in Ireland they cleared whole villages, but in Scotland they cleared whole areas the size of German Principalities.

Read Jas D Young's C L James about a black Jamaican Trotskyist and his treatment from the English left and WC, compared to Scotland.