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Posted By: GUEST,Jack Campin
31-Oct-13 - 05:47 AM
Thread Name: Scottish republican socialist songs
Subject: RE: Scottish republican socialist songs
The song Loch Lomond. written by Lady Nairn, is not a music hall song, bu of the old Celtic tradition that says when a man dies in a foreign land his soul returns through the low road and allusion to a Jacobite sojer being hung in Carlisle whilst is brother escaped through the "High Road".

The song was almost certainly written by Lady John Scott, though she did her best to disguise her authorship (attributing it to a folk-processed version of an original by the ballad writer Sanderson of Edinburgh). The Jacobite backstory is entirely urban legend.

Burns wrote Scots Wha Hae to Thomas Muir, though Michael Donnelly of the Stirling Museum, now believes it to be a speech from Thomas Mealmaker of the Friends of the People.

The connection to Thomas Muir is pretty clear. Where does Mealmaker fit in? I've never heard anyone mention him in connection with that song before (Burns implies in his letters that he wrote it very fast without any help from anyone else or any precedent, in a blazing fury at what had happened to Muir). Has Donnelly put his ideas in print?

Most English folk songs I know are tuneless, boring, Imperialist, or pornographic about maidens and threshing machines.
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