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31-Oct-13 - 12:20 AM
Thread Name: Scottish republican socialist songs
Subject: RE: Scottish republican socialist songs
When Mrs Lord Jack McaConnell took the plum job of Glasgow Parks and Leisure Department one of her first acts was to remove the collection of Jacobite broadswords from the forecourt of the Kelvingrove museum, which bore the inscriptions "Prosperity to Scotland and No Union. When James landed in Peterhead in the 1715, he had to declare the annulment of the Parliamentary "Union" of 1707. Charles Edward had to do the same when he landed in Glenfinnon in the '45 Rebellion. It is all in the Caledonian Mercury of the time.

Handel's Messiah was written to commemoration Butcher Cumberland's massacre of the wounded and civilian population for years after Culloden, the only Battle honour not displayed on regimental flags. Perhaps you prefer those type of songs, celebration the proscription of kilts, tartans, warpipes clarsach (harp), etc? There was no Republican movement at that time and the only way to oppose the Union was to join the Jacobite army. Most of the army did not want to cross the Border and were quite content to take Edinburgh. Most of the Jacobite officers were Lowlanders who adopted the Highland dress as a standard uniform. The Forfar Regiment wore the MacGregor war check and bolls of tartan, broadswords and, targes etc, were ordered when they occupied Glasgow. Which other country in the world would ban a piece of cloth and music? What is the terrible horror that afflicts the haters of a piece if confectionary (shoartbreid) The 'aggis you go on about was a French dis. Hag is a French word for dried up.. It was a poor person's dish, not a choice one, and Burns was making a joke of it, something the Unionists Caledonian Societies have not yet sussed. Morris Blythman once told me of Unionist Labourites that "irony was lost on the thick".

The song Loch Lomond. written by Lady Nairn, is not a music hall song, bu of the old Celtic tradition that says when a man dies in a foreign land his soul returns through the low road and allusion to a Jacobite sojer being hung in Carlisle whilst is brother escaped through the "High Road". Burns wrote Scots Wha Hae to Thomas Muir, though Michael Donnelly of the Stirling Museum, now believes it to be a speech from Thomas Mealmaker of the Friends of the People. The Smith museum by Michael Donnelly and Elspeth King is well worth a visit for Scottish radical and Indepndence history. Both were hounded from the Peoples Palace in Glasgow by the reactionary/.Unionist Labour administrations.

Many of the Jacobites later joined the Republican United Scotsmen, which you fail to represent from our website. Angus Cameron,a United Scotsman leader, who took Menzies Castle in the Republican Unitesd uprising of 1707, was a nephew of the Jacobite Cameron chief.

You totally ignore our Republican Socialism in favour of Unionist propaganda and self racism, self loathing and self hatred. I suggest yourself and followers do read our site properly instead of misrepresenting and attacking us. Ia m truly sorry about your comprehension problems.

If you say you really knew the persons responsible for the aforementioned farce in the Stock Exchange then you would know they have nothing to do with our site or past history, apart from a failed breakaway group,