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Posted By: Teribus
03-Oct-13 - 02:26 AM
Thread Name: BS: Did CIA lunch the Sarin missile in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: Did CIA lunch the Sarin missile in Syria
Not Guilty eh?

my question:

Who was it that said Britain had supplied Assad with Sniper Rifles? - YOU did Jom

Keith did not say that he had - Keith said "all YOU can come up with is some sniper rifles" - an error which he admitted to - but an error that came from a poorly written article introduced as evidence by you in order to support your argument. But please correct me if I am in error here but it was you who then went on the next day to state quite clearly:

"the horrors of Homs brought about by sniper rifles sold by Britain - specifically for use on the civilian population"

Now I don't know how you would classify that statement of yours but I would call it a lie. No sniper rifles were ever purchased from Britain. Unlike Keith you however were not prepared to admit your error.

Please tell me Jom that licence for the small arms ammunition - did it state a value? It did didn't it? IIRC it was US$50,000 and for that Jom ould son once you pay for transportation and fees you would expect to get ~100,000 rounds of surplus Nato 7.62mm ammunition. Your newspaper article referred to the issuing of the licence and said nothing whatsoever about the sale ever going through, no record of any shipment has ever been produced. I do not believe that it ever was sent because the ammunition would be of little use to the Syrian Army or Police.

National Service?? So now you set yourself up as an expert on the Syrian Army and the rebel forces operating inside Syria. Hardly a credible stance as you seemed awfully eager to completely ignore the overwhelming evidence in links that showed that the Syrian Army use no US or UK weapons and that they purchase their arms from Russia, China and Iran.

The Syrian armed forces are based on a system of universal conscription of all males aged 18 the service obligation is 18 months so 2009 + 18 months brings us to the summer of 2010 - ah but according to military expert Jom all snipers are drawn from the ranks of specially trained crack troops - really? Well snipers are specially trained but as a specialisation they form part of every infantry unit - so although specially trained they are not part of any special corps within the army.

Now how are you so certain that those men trained in 2009 are not part of the numbers who have defected from the Syrian Army? Answer to that of course is that you can't be - you have no information to base your assumption on, but just for the record the following desertions took place:

Late 2011 - 10,000
March 2012 - 60,000 (20,000 in one month alone)
June 2012 - State of Civil War now achieved according to UN Head of Peacekeeping (never achieved in either Iraq or in Afghanistan) by this stage as well as many junior officers, the deserters now include 40 Brigadier Generals.
June 2013 - 73 senior officers and their families desert including 7 Generals and 20 Colonels who estimated that Syrian Army strength including conscripts stood at 280,000 - but of that number Assad could not mobilise all the forces available to him for fear of large scale defections to the rebel cause.

Did Britain supply weapons used to kill people in Homs in 2011 - No it did not.

Did Britain supply the Assad regime with weaponry period - No it did not.

And unless you can prove conclusively that it did Jom - not inferences in newspaper articles, not rumours or slurs - proof, evidence, then all you are doing is airing your own biased views and bigotry.