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Posted By: Jim Carroll
02-Oct-13 - 11:50 AM
Thread Name: BS: Did CIA lunch the Sarin missile in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: Did CIA lunch the Sarin missile in Syria
Just interested - it becomes difficult to sort out which is real and which is invented with you pair of clowns.
"So who was it that introduced that blatant lie and total misrepresentation about sniper rifles into the Homs Horror thread?"
Sorry -not guilty.
The first mention of sniper rifles on the Homs thread, apart from those supplied by Gaddaffi which was discussed earlier in the thread was in your friend's response to a link to military equipment sales.

Subject: RE: BS: Homs horror
From: Keith A of Hertford - PM
Date: 11 Feb 12 - 09:21 AM
"But why do you ONLY criticise Britain?
Not Russia.
Not China.
Not Syria.
Britain is hardly in the same league.
You have clearly been searching vigorously, but all you have come up with is some sniper rifles.
The only other "weapons" supplied were armour plated buses, tear gas and water cannon."
Throughout this discussion I have never mentioned "Sniper rifles" other than to point out Keith's dismissing them as being unimportant - I produced a link to "small arms ammunition" - no more. It was he who thought it to be sniper bullets and was happy to describe them as "but all you have come up with is some sniper rifles" - harmless little toys as they are!
Are you really suggesting that snipers training using the the 2009 delivery of "SNIPER RIFLE BULLETS" would not have been making use of that training 18 months later on the streets of Homs - you're a joke!
By the way, the link I produced referred only to a licence, which you first supported as being unimportant, then denied, then claimed they were cancelled - all without proof, of course!
"National Service" ?????
The reports coming out of Homs described the snipers as "specially trained crack troops" - regulars - have your powers of invention no limits??
By the way, Nowhere do any of the reorts mentioned "100,000 rounds" - not in my link, and as far as I know, nowhere in any official documents, but there are newspaper reports of "a delivery".
Perhaps your mates down the pub told you what the delivery consisted of - waddya think?
"nothing about Bashar Al-Assad being a Mass-Murderer,"
Just a tortured and a disappearer - he later promoted himself to mass murderer
The protests started in September 2012 - mass killings of opponents by him were known about before that, and killings, torture and persecution of members the Kurdish population date back to the mid 2000's
Human rights abuses by Assad was well known long before the sale of sniper rifle bullets and chemicals were sanctioned
Jim Carroll