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Posted By: Teribus
02-Oct-13 - 08:28 AM
Thread Name: BS: Did CIA lunch the Sarin missile in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: Did CIA lunch the Sarin missile in Syria
Other way round Keith. The Soviet/Russian 7.62mm round is short chamber ammunition (i.e. the cartridge is shorter than the Nato round)

AK-47 Round

NATO 7.62mm Round

I see JOM "The Impartial" has grabbed at the tail again and missed.

By the bye Jom you seem to have dodged my question:

Who was it that said Britain had supplied Assad with Sniper Rifles? - YOU did Jom

Who was it that told you they hadn't? - Keith A of Hertford

So who was it that introduced that blatant lie and total misrepresentation about sniper rifles into the Homs Horror thread? - YOU did Jom you little impartial rascal you.

That by the way was the point.

Now let me see what your next misrepresentation and wild leap is?

"if the ammunition supplied by Britain to Syria was used for target practice {Sorry your colours didn't work there for you Jom} Britain will have done their bit in Homs by making sure the snipers did their job properly."

Rather a large number of assumptions there aren't there Jom - like

1: Ammo if ever delivered at all was delivered in 2009 two years before the shooting started.

2: ~100,000 rounds IF DELIVERED would have all been used up within a year. You might possibly be capable of training up 11 men with that amount of ammo in that time.

3: Syrian National Service would mean that those trained in 2009 would not be present in the forces of the Syrian Army in 2011 - so the men trained in 2009 could well be fighting on the other side.

The Amnesty report talks about repression and lack of civil and human rights says nothing about Bashar Al-Assad being a Mass-Murderer, prior to March 2011 as you claim - His Dad, Hafaz, was though 10,000 to 55,000 killed on his orders at Hamma.