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Posted By: Teribus
02-Oct-13 - 02:29 AM
Thread Name: BS: Did CIA lunch the Sarin missile in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: Did CIA lunch the Sarin missile in Syria
Typical Jom - you always seize upon the tail and never manage to grab the dog.

Although you are making progress of sorts:

1: You at least now accept that what you introduce into debate and portray as "Reports" are now nothing of the sort - but oddly enough this step you take only when someone uses the information in those articles against you.

2: Last export licence granted by the British Government that resulted in an actual export was in May 2010. Details given of all chemical export licences issued in the UK that resulted in actual exports from the UK cover the period 2004 to 2010 - the amounts by weight have been verified and are now public knowledge and very well documented.

3: Claims were not made by politicians they were made by civil servants working for the BIS who - " defended the sale of the chemical to Syria, saying the amount was "commensurate with the stated end use in the production of cosmetics and there was no reason to link them with Syria's chemical weapons program."

4: What "Mass Murders" were perpetrated by Bashar Al-Assad prior to the start of this current conflict? Take no offence Jom but I most certainly am not simply going to take YOUR word for it considering your total inability to understand even simple sentences in English.

5: Yes - trade before all - we are a trading nation but we tend to temper that at times to our own disadvantage with more than a fair degree of common sense. Of the 180,000-odd Syrians killed so far in this conflict I would be inclined to believe that the vast majority (i.e. in the region of 99% of them) had been killed by one side or the other using Russian weaponry. Yet you witter on about tear gas?? You froth at the mouth at what might have been done with such and such without a shred of evidence to back up your wild accusations that you attempt to present as FACT.

6: No Jom your original claim was that British weapons were slaughtering Syrian civilians in Homs - I'll dig out the reference for it.

7: "Wasn't the British people who sell arms and chemicals to killers - just the Arnms Trade and our elected representatives"

Oh but Jom IT IS British people who make and sell the arms and chemicals to killers, all of them private citizens who put in eight hours a day at work - if they didn't their families would go short and be unprovided for - the "Arnms Trade" (whatever that might be - frothing again Jom?) is made up of such ordinary people Jom, it is not some monstrous, impersonal, anonymous, monolith. Union and private pension funds invest in these industries in order that their members will ultimately receive the pensions they've contributed for. The only part "our elected" representatives play in the game is to say whether or not certain things can be sold to certain customers - if they are not our customers then they, sure as eggs are eggs, are going to be someone else's customer.

8: If the people of the Arab world and adherents of the religion of peace want to fight - then let them - three times now, "WE" (The Big, Bad, Capitalist, West) have stepped in and we've been castigated for it by you and your like. So we are damned if we do and we're damned if we don't - might as well keep people earning while they, the people of the middle-east and the religion of peace, get on with killing one another as that is what they are going to do come hell or high water irrespective of what we do or don't do.