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Posted By: Teribus
01-Oct-13 - 08:39 AM
Thread Name: BS: Did CIA lunch the Sarin missile in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: Did CIA lunch the Sarin missile in Syria
The Next Step

1: "riot control gear was sold and licenced to a torturer and mass murder - (w)ith both your blessings"

Or put more accurately the British Government granted export licences so that a company could export riot control gear to Syria. As all nations "torture" people, or use "enhanced interrogation methods" on people depending upon what definition of torture you care to rest upon - trade in anything in the world would become difficult.

I would doubt very much if Great Britain has exported anything to Syria since the EU introduced its embargo and prior to 11th March 2011 Bashar Al-Assad was no mass-murderer - his father had been one years previously (~40,000 people in Homs) but he had very little to do with us at the time as he was firmly in the pocket of the USSR during the Cold War and had objected to our "support" of Israel in 1967 and in 1973.

As to the issuing of export licences I would doubt very much if Keith is consulted before hand, I know for certain that I am not. Does the export of riot control gear manufactured in the UK bother me? No it does not - after all it will never be used on me if it is exported will it?

2: "The chemicals and their amounts are immaterial and unproven (unless we takee Terrytoon's word for it) - sarin-producing chemicals were sold and licenced to a torturing and mass-murdering state - end of story."

Well the chemicals and the amounts were expressly mentioned in articles that you referred to and provided links for and I can distinctly remember you asking me if I could quantify the amounts exported from the UK over the last 6 years - which I managed to do using the articles and links that you yourself provided - so not really just on my say so is it? Or are you now telling us all that the information in those articles and links provided by you was wrong?

As Bashar Al-Assad did not venture forth on his career as a mass-murderer until after 11th March 2011 then the British Government are not responsible for issuing licences for anything that has been sent to him that he has subsequently used against his own people (Last licence that led to any export being May 2010) - you still have to prove that Jom - and as you yourself say that you are scrupulously impartial I am sure that you will make all best efforts to do that Jom before you start frothing at the mouth and casting wild accusations about.

3: "The facts of the sniper bullets sales"

I seem to recall Jom that it was you who dashed into print at the time of the initial massacres in Homs in 2011 making claim that British weapons were being used to murder Syrian civilians. A claim that both Keith and myself successfully challenged.

You could not prove that any weapons had been sent from the UK to Syria but instead provided a newspaper article that in general detailed British exports to the region (Region stretching from Algeria to the Arabian Sea.). This article was possibly and deliberately, very poorly written so that it was ambiguous about who was sent what - hence Keith's mistake in taking from the article that sniper rifles had been sent to Syria, giving the man his due he openly admitted his error when the picture became clearer, from this poorly written article the export licence being referred to was for a small amount of rifle ammunition - the licence was indeed issued, but as yet there has never been anything offered in proof that the ammunition was ever purchased, dispatched or delivered. So as far as British weapons killing civilians in Homs goes, your original bleat was proved as being nothing more than ill-informed, baseless waffle.