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Posted By: Jim Carroll
01-Oct-13 - 06:29 AM
Thread Name: BS: Did CIA lunch the Sarin missile in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: Did CIA lunch the Sarin missile in Syria
Neither tweedledum's nor Tweedledee's statements matter a toss - riot control gear was sold and licenced to a torturer and mass murder - ith both your blessings
The chemicals and their amounts are immaterial and unproven (unless we takee Terrytoon's word for it) - sarin-producing chemicals were sold and licenced to a torturing and mass-murdering state - end of story.
Whatever the facts of the sniper bullets sales, you pair of comedians identified them and claimed them unimportant despite your belief that they were sniper bullets and Assad's snipers were massacring the people of Homs at the time of your claims - also end of story
The next stop is yours isn't it - ding-ding
Jim Carroll