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Posted By: MGM·Lion
30-Sep-13 - 04:37 AM
Thread Name: BS: Why I am gone
Subject: RE: BS: Why I am gone
To clarify yet further, Ian. If I took Ake's posts to have the implications you perceive in them, then I should object to them as much as you do. But you appear to me to react over-emotionally, with unworthy impugning of his motives for citing them, to what are a simply a set of statistics, whose accuracy SFAICS you have not challenged, which he has adduced as appearing to lead to certain worrying conclusions, as if he had made them up simply to promulgate a hate-filled agenda of YOUR, not HIS, invention; which, as I see the matter he has not done at all. Which is why I say that you appear agenda-driven ~~ that 'progressive' agenda, that starts at the end & works backwards from the assumption that any statement which might appear to have any sort of unfavourable connotations with regard to any demographic, MUST be denounced as culpably discriminatory ~~ even if it happens to be true or accurate.