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Posted By: Backwoodsman
30-Sep-13 - 04:32 AM
Thread Name: BS: Why I am gone
Subject: RE: BS: Why I am gone
Musket, I clearly misunderstood the target of your remark which I quoted at the head of my last post - "Not easy when he has a few suspect apologists saying he should be getting a fair hearing".

Unsurprising though, as I have been suggesting that free speech is essential in a civilised and free society, and for open and meaningful debate - a suggestion which you strongly objected to in the case of akenaton, whose views clash with your own PC standpoint, even to the point of declaring that it was your intent to 'shut him up' (or words to that effect). As you had earlier referred to my views on free speech being tantamount to 'support' for a poster whose views you find odious (and, as I clearly stated, I find them odious too), it is perfectly reasonable that I should assume your remark quoted earlier was aimed at me.

I'm astonished by your response to my post, which made no attempt to address anything I said, but was simply a diatribe centered around your own personality defects and the seedier side of your sex-life! All I can say by way of reply is, "Too much information!".

I'll say it one more time - "Shut the fuck up" is not a winning shot, it's an admission that you've lost the will to discuss, and therefore lost the whole debate. It's the tactic of the extremist, and of the bully. It has no place in civilised society. It merely drives those whose aims and ideals conflict with those who seek the best for everyone underground. Far better to have them air their agenda out in the open, where fairer, more civilised minds can meet them head-on and challenge them with more-powerful and persuasive arguments.

End of.