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Posted By: GUEST,Ed T
29-Sep-13 - 10:27 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why I am gone
Subject: RE: BS: Why I am gone

""I take it that you accept that within male homosexuality there is a serious problem with sexually transmitted disease?""

I indeed agree that there is a serious problem with HIV, and that the male homosexual community (in some locations) are impacted to a high degree. However,it is not in anyway limited to this community, and the numbers differ greatly between location and country.

""If you do not accept that premise as a fact, there is no point in continuing with this discussion.""

That would be up to you Ake. However, it was you who seem to be seeking dialogue on this issue, not me.

""If you do accept the premise, then it is surely obvious that the sexual behaviour of the demographic has a bearing on infection rates?""

I agree that the transmission is through sexual contact, I do not know what you mean by "behaviour". If you mean promiscuity, unprotected sex and multiple partners increase the risk of spread, I suspect it is a major factor. However, it seems simplistic to say it includes all members of this community.

""Whether it be the methods employed in this behaviour, or the very large number of sexual partners which are often associated with male to male sex, is as yet unclear.""

I do not know what you mean by methods, and this vague statement, so you need to be clear.

""I would be interested to hear your personal views on the matter under discussion"",

It was you who proposed a solution to a problem that you defined. So, the ball is in your court, not others. It seems reasonable to ask you many questions on how you came to this definition of the problem, and how propose to implement the solution you seemed to proposed. That is a logical given your definition and proposed solution seems to have many confounding issues associated.

""you seem to be exceptionally good at asking questions, but rather poor at answering mine.""

Your questions to me were very broad and assume I define the issue and solution as you do, nor have any such solution worked out. That is where dialogue comes in.

""I also think you are being slightly disingenuous, as I can clearly remember you being involved in several previous threads on this issue""

I do not recall any such discussions on this issue. I only recall discussing the RC church, the former pope, condom use and HIV infections in third world countries, such as Africa. Since you made an allegation, can you provide evidence to anything beyond that?

"I am a little puzzled as to your professed ignorance of my position?""

IMO, you take your posts and position a bit too seriously. It is indeed likely that many "tuned you out early" and are less than knowledgeable about what you post.

I recall some of your posts related to this topic in various threads in the past, with an abundance of negative reaction from others. To tell you the truth, from the reaction, and what seemed to be an obsession, I assumed you were "a bit of a nut". I rarely dwell on threads, or posts, that are overly negative and quarrelsome, repetitive or lacking in reasoned dialogue. So, I honestly did not focus or know where "you are coming from".   

I reassessed and in this thread, "hearing you out" and give you an opportunity to put your case forward in a reasoned manner and discuss the issues -against the odds, considering those who mostly seem to discount you and your case. With patience, and a few direct questions, I now know a bit more.

BTW, among listing the confounding issues with your suggestions, I have provided content on alternative approaches and definitions of the issues, if you care to step down from what seems to be a rigid position and actually look about and consider alternatives and other "opinions". Your opinions and mine will not be the solution, but with a logical dialogue and an open mind, most folks have the ability to learn from others - to satisfy a thirst for knowledge and reason.

Sorry to be long-winded - but you did seem to ask ;)