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Posted By: MGM·Lion
28-Sep-13 - 07:20 AM
Thread Name: BS: Why I am gone
Subject: RE: BS: Why I am gone
I repeat, Ian ~~ I find no evidence, other than the evidential urging of these statistics [which, I reiterate, you have not disputed, except to claim, erroneously as I have shown, that they are in some way atypical -- tho of what, precisely, you are far from clear], to justify your accusatory denunciation of Ake as indulging in 'hate-filled bigotry' & having a 'fascist agenda'. Perhaps you could drop your patronisingly pained tone at my asking the question, and your implied impugning for reasons unclear to me of my motives for asking it, and specify where precisely in his posts you claim to have located such manifestations; and what, precisely, you accuse him of 'hinder[ing] rather than help[ing]'.

I am sorry to say it yet again; but I continue to feel that it is your motivations, rather than Akenaton's, which are open to question.