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Posted By: Zen
27-Sep-13 - 10:13 AM
Thread Name: BS: Why I am gone
Subject: RE: BS: Why I am gone
Like Noreen, I joined Mudcat about 14 years ago. Occasionally I'll look in, mainly to see what people I've met over the years are up to (if they are still here) but very rarely post these days.

My reasons for leaving are much the same as Noreen's. When I joined this forum it was full of interesting and informed discussion on a multitude of subjects and there was a spirit of support and good-natured banter.

Over the years a meaner, nastier atmosphere developed and bullies, trolls and baiters came to the fore. Even on serious music threads there was a good chance of being shouted down by socially-inept know-alls. Unfortunately, that has largely persisted and, rather than get involved with it, many of us have simply withdrawn from the forum. Unfortunately, because policies aimed at stopping abusive behaviour were not enforced (indeed I've personally seen a few appalling comments against others from moderators over the years), this atmosphere still persists and I've little reason to become involved again. That's a shame because I made many good friends here in the early days.

The points Noreen made were excellent. I've always believed I should treat people online as I would in real life. Unfortunately, some inadequates here hide behind the anonymity of their keyboards where their words in real life would get short shrift.

Well, off to retirement from the fray for a few more years.