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Posted By: GUEST,Ed T
26-Sep-13 - 07:27 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why I am gone
Subject: RE: BS: Why I am gone
Yes, Ake (I trust calling you that is OK) better managed disease prevention-education-awareness among this group and others impacted by disease (regardless of the size of the group) does interest and concern me.

For example, people impacted by disease caused by poverty and hunger is huge all around the world. Take malaria, a huge problem which could be reduced much better with more resources from private donations and international focus.

So, from that perspective, I understand a concern regarding the health impact of unprotected sex with random partners, among the homosexual and heterosexuals community. Public concern for HIV has likely lessened in the past few years (compared to a few years ago). We all should be more vigilant and caring and encourage increased education, awareness and reasonable measures to limit its spread.

I am at low risk, as many, because I am married and don't fool around. I suspect a significant risk for spreading such stuff around is centered around those who are in a different situation.

Now, back to my question. Where are you coming from on this topic, and what is your goal and solution? Unlike some others (as it seems), I have not been previously been exposed to your perspective on this issue. I trust you are well meaning, and considerate and understanding to the homosexual community (as I am. However, I am cautious, as you have seemed to "stirred up" a few folks on this topic, that may be more aware of previous discussions than I am. As a side note, I have no interest in homophobic theories, and respect those in the homosexual community equally to those in any other community.

So, Ake, here is your chance to explain to me what is on your mind on the topic - to someone who currently has an open mind on your intent. I ask that you be clear on what is fueling your interest in the topic. Hopefully, others have misunderstood your intent and you can express it in a manner that is considerate of the concerns and sensitivities of other members.