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Posted By: Jim Carroll
26-Sep-13 - 04:19 AM
Thread Name: BS: Did CIA lunch the Sarin missile in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: Did CIA lunch the Sarin missile in Syria
There is absolutely nothing to connect the CIA, or any element of the anti-government forces inside Syria with the rocket attack of the 21st August."
Who on earth said there was - I haven't commented.
You and Keith have been given reports of chemical and convention military equipment sales to Syria, Bahrain, Sri Lanks.... and a whole host of despotic states, along with a statement from a British minister.
Nobody is defending Russian sales to Syria - they are a fact
You now appear to be erecting straw men to avoid the fact that Britain is an arms dealing state that profits from despotic regimes that use British arms against their own people
You are a sad pseudo-military fantasist whose nearest approach to military knowledge comes from despertely sought-out cut-'n-pastes and the proud fact that you own a B.B, air rifle or some sort of pop-gun - I'll bet you play War Games
You have produced not a single shred of evidence to contradict the reports you have been given, rather, you wrap your claims in meaningless verbiage that appears to be designed to impress us "civvies" with your soldier-boy knowledge - you are a sad, sad man - go and fantasise somewhere else, you really are not very good at this.
JOM Carroll
You don't even have the imagination to produce a half - decent response to Terrytoon, Terrabyte, Turpitude... and have to rely on my typo - "JOM" - "Christmas...." for crying out loud, can't you do better than that - I went through primary school listening to inanities such as those - try "Lewis" or "Carroll's a girl's name" - will send you a few more if it will help you feel like a man!