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Posted By: Teribus
26-Sep-13 - 01:43 AM
Thread Name: BS: Did CIA lunch the Sarin missile in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: Did CIA lunch the Sarin missile in Syria
So in summation so far Jom:

1: There is absolutely nothing to connect the CIA, or any element of the anti-government forces inside Syria with the rocket attack of the 21st August.

2: Any chatter about conventional Syrian Army weapons hitting "rebel" chemical weapons and them then leaking have been completely dispelled by the UN weapons inspectors report on the incident

3: While I deal in fact, logic and reason you run on emotive claptrap backed up by the ill-informed and unfounded opinions of extremely biased bloggers selected solely because those opinions match your own views (That is why "The Impartial" tag, that you gave yourself, is so hilarious)

4: Every single contention you have made with regard to the Government of the United Kingdom and their dealings with Syria have been reduced and exposed as complete and utter twaddle.