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Posted By: Teribus
25-Sep-13 - 11:15 AM
Thread Name: BS: Did CIA lunch the Sarin missile in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: Did CIA lunch the Sarin missile in Syria
Naw I like the sound of - Jom "The Impartial" - there's this utter ridiculousness about it when matched up to the inane rubbish you come out with.

1: What British involvement? None proved so far. Russia was the greatest exporter of arms around the world in terms of quantity long before it "shook off the bonds of Communism".

2: Amounts of Sodium Fluoride sold to Syria by two British Companies in the last 6 years? - 3,000kg

2: I would imagine that these chemicals do have a "use by date" plus fairly strict conditions relating to containers, general storage and exposure to the elements. I have no idea at all of what "stockpiles" of chemicals the Syrians may, or may not, hold, but one thing of which I am certain in the last six years only 3,000kg of Sodium Fluoride was sent from the UK and nothing has been sent to Syria since May 2010.

3: What British involvement? You have proved none.

4: Currently we are not trading with Syria

5: And what is being done in the name of Britain precisely? As far as Syria goes all we are committing and sending is humanitarian aid which you state is Imperialistic and as such should be stopped. We most certainly are not sending "weapons".

6: Oh so we have traded with Syria in the past but not at present in fact we haven't traded with them since almost a year BEFORE the current crackdown began. Will we like every other country in world trade with Syria once it has managed to pass through these current troubles? I would certainly hope so, to do anything else would be against our own national interests.

7: Keith did, I didn't. Keith later had the honesty and integrity to admit that he had made an error something that you are incapable of. The export licence issued was for standard 7.62mm ammunition, that as yet no proof exists that it was ever sent.

8: No gas, no armoured cars sold to Syria - Period. So please stop wittering on about Britains arms sales to Assad - they don't exist.